Competition on Memorization of Quran Held in Ethiopia

 The 4th edition of a national Quran competition in Ethiopia was organized in the capital Addis Ababa on Saturday.



Fifty contenders from different parts of the African country took part in the Quranic event, Al-Yawm24 website reported.

It included several categories of memorization of the Quran along observing the rules of Tajweed and Tarteel.

The Ethiopia branch of the Mohammed VI Foundation of African Uelma (scholars) organized the contest.

The top contenders will compete in a similar Quranic event that will be attended by representatives from a number of other African countries.

The contest is aimed at promoting Quranic activities and encouraging the youth to learn and implement Islamic teachings.

It is also an opportunity for identifying the talents and capabilities of the youth in Quranic fields, according to Mohammed al-Rafaqi, secretary general of the Mohammed VI Foundation of African Uelma.

Based in Morocco, the Mohammed VI Foundation of African Ulema, according to its founders, is an Islamic religious institution seeking to prevent radicalization and fight sectarianism within Islam.

The foundation’s goal is to unite and coordinate the efforts of Muslim theologians from Morocco and other African countries to consolidate Islamic values of tolerance and critical exploration of religious texts.

It also aims to facilitate intellectual, scientific and cultural action by bringing together Muslim theologians from around the world to encourage the establishment of religious, scientific and cultural centers and working towards the revitalization of a common African, Islamic cultural heritage.

Competition on Memorization of Quran Held in Ethiopia   

source: iqna

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