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Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah said that Israel is pursuing goal it cannot achieve.

He delivers his first public speech since start of the war.

Hassan Nasrallah begins the speech by praising “the fallen martyrs” of Hezbollah and the other groups fighting Israel, as well as the civilians killed.

The Hezbollah chief also offers “condolences and congratulations” to the families of those killed in Gaza and the occupied West Bank, including those killed during Hamas’s Al-Aqsa Flood operations inside Israel, which, he says, “has extended on a number of fighting fronts”.

The Hezbollah leader said that the Al-Aqsa Flood operation led to an earthquake in [Israel]. It has strategic and existential repercussions and will leave its effects on the present and future of [Israel].

What happened confirms that Iran does not exercise any guardianship at all over the resistance factions and the real decision-makers are the leaders of the resistance.

Nasrallah says Hamas’s operation established a new historical phase in the battle with Israel.

He calls the Palestinian group’s decision to launch Al-Aqsa Flood right, wise and courageous, adding that it was carried out with the right timing.

The Hezbollah chief says one of Israel’s biggest mistakes now is making goals that it cannot achieve.

Nasrallah says Israel can get back the captives held in Gaza through negotiations.

He adds that what is happening in Gaza shows Israel’s foolishness and inability because what it is doing is killing children and women.

The Hezbollah leader calls Israel “frail” and says that for a whole month, it has been unable to record a single military achievement.

He accuses the US of being entirely responsible for the war in Gaza and calls Israel merely an executive tool.

Nasrallah also outlines two goals: The first is to stop the war in Gaza and the second is for Hamas to be victorious in this war.

Nasrallah does say that Arab and Muslim countries should work together to stop the war on Gaza.

He adds that “the enemy” is threatening Lebanon and the Lebanese while it sinks in the sands of the Gaza Strip.

In his lengthy remarks, Nasrallah said that “all scenarios are open on our Lebanese southern front” and that “what happens on the Lebanese front will depend on what happens in Gaza”, calling on Israel to stop its attacks on the besieged strip to avoid a regional conflagration.

Tens of thousands of people watched the widely anticipated televised address on Friday from rallies called by the Lebanese group to honour fallen fighters.

Source: shafaqna

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