• The assistance of the cyber space and notification

The managements and subsidiary units of assistance


-portal management and websites

-answering management to the questions and doubts

-management of the cyber channels

-management of the content and academic scriptures

– public relations management

The informational portable of the assembly, the website of the professional essays of knowing Shia

And the professional website of Shia books are among the websites that are managed by this assistance.

Portable and websites management

From the very beginning the great goal of the website was defined as presenting the professional electronic services with the content of knowing Shia and establishing a cyber collection under the title of the reference of the subjects of knowing Shia is considered as the priority of the assembly.

The formal and content reference of about 100 websites to the website of the assembly gives the good news of this goal.

Till now the electronic content produced in the website unit of the assembly has reached to more than 35 thousand essays, books and other subjects that their subjects are: the Quran, knowing Shia, knowing Imam, the history of Islam and Shiaism, Wilayah, religions and denominations, Shia beliefs, Mahdawiyah, Figh and Osul, theology, morality, exegesis, Shia in the world, Shia prominent figures, answering doubts etc.

Among the special features of the website of the assembly we can mention these followings: constant paying attention to the Islamic anniversaries, compatibility with the time requirements and Shia circumstances in the world, the content variety of the subtitles to the current languages, contacting with the relevant websites, constant interaction with users all around the world, answering the professional doubts regarding knowing Shia and cooperation for establishing and strengthening the websites who have the common goals.

The daily visiting of the thousands people all around the world and using units and different languages of the website, causes the internet unit of the assembly to be hopeful to have deep and purposive movements.

The geographical variety of the visitors, the average time of staying in every visit and their constant visits for every website is a criterion for evaluating the level of the satisfaction of the addressees and the way of contact and interaction of a website with its users. Thanks Allah this assembly constantly honors because of the obtained results and knows it as a means for better movements by the help of Ahl Al-Bait.

The information portable of the assembly under the name of http://Shiastudies.com is a website which tries to introduce the worldly assembly of knowing Shia and its activities through having different parts and because of that all parts of the activity of the assembly have been used for sorting out the contents.

The main units of this website are: the Hadith of the day, the holy Prophet and Ahl Al-Bait, the question and answer bank, the article bank, the professional library, the news of Shia world, the news of the assembly, academic cultural works, movie and picture and audio gallery, introducing different websites links, the text of the day, the Shia calendar and religious times of prayers.

The professional website for the essays of knowing Shia

This website has been established in order to prepare and supply for the visitors a bank of the professional essays of knowing Shia and prepares many research faculties through presenting about 25 thousand essays in different categories. This website has its activity in the main units of the essay bank, the bank of subjects, the bank of writers, the bank of sources and the advanced search.

The professional website of Shia books

This website is a reference for the professional books of Shia in which there are about 2000 books uploaded by the format of HTML and has prepared the use and download of all books for the addressees through all research facilities. It should be noted that the websites of the assembly update and increase the number of essays and sources daily in portal, essays and library.

-management of answering to the questions and doubts

One of the features of the Shia school of thought is analyzing others’ opinions and doubts regarding beliefs and the principles of the religion of Islam generally and the school of thought of Shiaism specifically deliberately and without bias.

The argumentations of Imam Ali, Lady Fatimah, Imam Reza, Imam Javad, and the other Imams of Shia and their answering to the doubts and wrong accusations, are counted as the prominent pages and lines of the history of Shiaism.

This center coherently and regularly has aimed to answer the doubts through different ways of informing like internet, book, essay, booklet, and through phone.

The compatibly of Shia teachings to the elevated dimensions of divine knowledge and seeking truth attract every soul which is pure from the dust of hatred and hypocrisy. When the light of the Wilayah and spirituality of Imam Ali (a.s) enters in the heart of every free man, makes his being in love of this great Imams’ teachings, because of that the worldly assembly of knowing Shia through creating and strengthening that tries hard and supports those who have reached to the truth physically and spiritually. It is appropriate to be noted that till now there are several individuals who have embraced Shiaism.

-the management of the cyber channels

In this unit beside the daily contact and sending essays of site for about 100 thousand users in applications like telegram, Instagram, Bisphone, Soroush, and Gap interactively answers the questions of the users. It is important that the number of users and addressees of the assembly is increasing very quickly in these applications.

Activity in social networks: in this unit through issuing appropriate and useful articles in social networks the ground of discussion and dialogue is paved and the doubts regarding the Shia school of thought are answered.

-the management of content and academic scriptures

Codifying and sorting out the academic scriptures and summarizing the books and making them prepared in order to be uploaded in different parts of the website and academic editing of the current content of the website and updating them and mentioning their authentic sources are among those necessary acts that have been known as the priority of the affairs of the cyber space assistance.

-management of the public contacts

One of the necessities at the beginning of the establishment of the assembly was the relation of the academic society of Iran with the professional and fundamental subject of knowing Shia that was not so appropriate. The non-existence of the fields in Islamic seminaries and universities regarding knowing Shia   in research centers made the assembly help the quantitative and qualitative expansion of the subjects related to knowing Shia in three branches of informing, research and educational. This was done through constant contact with these centers and mentioning the necessities and requirements.

4-The assistance of the international affairs       and Islamic contacts


The managements and subsidiary units of assistance


  • Contact management and international cooperation
  • Management of academic and university cooperation



  • Management of the professorship of knowing Shia
  • Management of the information bank


  • Executive, support and financial assistance
  • Management of expose? And saling of the products
  • Computer service management


The managements and subsidiary units of assistance


  • audiovisual unit and archive
  • management of the official affairs and accounting
  • management of the supportive services and supplies
  • management of publication and printing

Among the most important duties of this assistance is planning and policy for expanding the sources and management of official and financial and executive support of all activities of the assembly and supplying the budget through sale of products, attracting the associations and financial helps and charity issues and vulnerary helps and annual budget adjustment and financial balance and observation of the function of different financial units.

The other activities of this assistance are logistic preparation and supplying the activities, the equipment of units and systems of informatics, fixing and keeping the machinery and official systems, general services and doing the welfare affairs of the researchers and workers and expansion of physical space and the improvement of the official environment of the assembly.

In this regard, the worldly assemble of knowing Shia during the previous years has succeeded to send more than 100 thousand books, magazines, Islamic softwares, and hundreds of pocket articles for the Shias outside Iran and this is something unique.

One of the practiced acts which is welcomed and used by the researchers and propagators and have had various effects in different regions is codifying and compiling different articles related to the important subjects and answering to the doubts regarding Shiaism that have been given as the pocket article to the propagators inside and outside Iran.

This center is proud because of sending a large number of these articles in high circulation and sending to different countries like India, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq.

This assembly has made different professional, cultural, artist etc. software products actively and with good quality in order to establish information bank software about Shia and the infallible Imams (pbut) through producing the lessons of knowing Shia including answering the doubts, debates, lessons of Imamah and Wilayah, the CD of electronic library, the CD of infallible Imams, various software products of anniversaries of the births or departures and martyrdoms, and other celebrations.

The assembly tries to be a good complementary for the Shia websites -more than just removing the existent needs- through creating a software bank and to be a good and up to date act for introducing the Shiaism correctly and attractively. Now more than 500 types of CD software produced by the worldly assembly of Shia exist in this software bank of information.


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