H.I Dr. Mohammad Reza Mohaghghegh

H.I Dr. Mohammad Reza Mohaghghegh

He was born in Yazd, Iran in the year 1351 H.S in a religious family. He started his Islamic studies in Yazd province and then he moved into Qom for higher studies, under the teachings of the great scholars like: Ayatullah Khatam Yazdi, Ayatullah Makarem Shirazi, Ayatullah Javadi Amoli and Ayatullah Sobhani.

He finished his high school studies in Qom, his bachelor in Mofid University, achieving the first score, his masters in Bagher Al-olum University in political studies obtaining the first score and P.H.D in the field of the history of Islam. He also has been teaching in Islamic seminaries in different field like logic, Figh, Osul etc.

He also has been teaching in different universities in the field of Islamic studies, such as Azad universities of Tehran, university of Osul al-Din in Qom, the university of Yazd, etc. and also in the field of social and political studies like the principles of politics, political sociology in different universities.

Executive background

The Imam of Friday prayer of Ishtehard(Alborz province) and also Sefid Shahr(Isfahan province), the head of office of Islamic culture of Islamic Azad university(Yazd province), cooperation with Worldly Assembly for Shia Studies as the director border and scientific deputy, cooperation with centers of Islamic seminary of Qom and Jamia Al-Mostafa as the expert.

Compiling and correction of the book

Compiling more than 6 volumes of the books, some of which have been published and some undertaken


Writing more than 20 scientific articles

Scientific courses

The course of evaluating the professors of Islamic studies, the course of getting familiar with the thought of Imam Khomeini(the professors of Mashhad), the course of getting familiar with management and execution, etc.

The scientific honors

The provincial and Iranian selected in several courses in the elite students of universities and Islamic seminaries, becoming the clergy by the hand of Ayatullah Khamenei

The guidance of supervising of the many thesis

Media activities

Cooperation with different TV channels

Scientific prizes

In the year of 1378 adopting the second degree selected in the provincial of the eighth assembly of the sample students of Islamic seminary, in the year 1379 the second degree in the ninth of assembly of the sample students of Islamic seminary

Membership in the editorial staff of the journals

Being familiar and travelling to different countries

Having scientific and preaching travels to Germany, France, Italy, Swiss, Denmark, Sued, Iraq, Saudi Aribia etc.

The names of some of the works:

The exeges of  the holy Quran

The Narrations


The principles of jurisprudence



Political studies



Shia studies and the Shia history