H.I Dr. Nasehi

H.I Dr. Nasehi


Master of Laws and Principles

In high level education, he was benefited from the professors such as Bariik Bin, Nouri Hamedani, Makarem Shirazi, Javadi Amoli, in ethics from Ayatollah Meshkini, and for three years from the Kharij lesson of the Supreme Leader.

Some of his records:

 Chief Executive Officer of the Clergy community

Mayor’s advisor and head of the center for religious activities

Director of 2 Islamic Seminaries

Director of the issues of holy shrine of Zayd a.s

Head of the 18th Tehran Dispute Resolution Council

Presence on the frontiers of the imposed war and responsible for sending clerics

Member and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Cultural and Therapeutic Centers

Cultural and social activities:

Founder and director of the seminary

Assistance and assistance in the construction and maintenance of mosques and schools

Assistance in creating sports and health facilities

Assistance in establishing the Institute of Higher Education of the Islamic Revolution

 Family, Youth and Juvenile Advisor


In the path of knowledge (2 volumes)

Knowledge and rhetorical education

Anxiety and psychological concern

Nowruz is the first day of dawn

The book of Al-Ma’arefah