Ayatullah Ahmad Moballeqi

Ayatullah Ahmad Moballeqi

Ayatullah Ahmad Moballeqi was born in the year 1339 in a clergy family. His father was an Islamic scholar. In the eyes of many scholars he is a theoretician in different fields of Islamic studies. His scientific attempts inside and outside of Iran have lead into theorizing in the following fields:

  • The relations between Shia and Sunni and between religions
  • The relation between Fiqh and the contemporary issues
  • Jurisprudential methodology and knowing the sects
  • The magnificent social thoughts in Islam especially in the important issues like mass media, personality etc.
  • Important areas like the human rights in the viewpoint of Islam, etc.

Some subtitles of his personality and scientific position:

The professor in the Kharej level (the highest level Islamic seminary) for about 20 years

A prominent figure in many Fiqhi assemblies of Islamic world

Writing more than 150 scientific articles in Persian and Arabic

Presence in more than 70 international conferences in different countries like Egypt, Turkey, Iraq, Qatar, Spain, Italy, France, Sweden, Belgium, etc.

One of the most important presence of his was into Egypt because of the invitation of the Shaikh of Al-Azhar University, by the name of Ahmad Tayyeb which he was described in by the Ahmad Tayyeb, as someone whose attempts are excellent in spreading the soul of unity among the followers of different denominations…

Some of his responsibilities and activities:

Head of the Islamic research center of Islamic consultative assembly

The head of Islamic denominations University

Chief editor of the Lebanese journal of Al-Fiqh Al-Mogharen

Head of the Institute of jurisprudence and law (in two decades ago)

Director of the religion and law magazine

Specialist expert in the international forum on Islamic jurisprudence

Head of the “Al-Tajid Ledderasat Al-Diniyah Al-Moqaranah” center in Lebanon

Founder of the institute for approximate studies in Qom (and its chairman in ten-years).

Some of his subtitle of social activities:

Struggling with the regime of Shah (before Islamic revolution) and being arrested in two stages

Being present in the war between Iran and Iraq with his martyr brother

Creating vast relations with many Islamic scholars all over the world and non-stop attempts for realizing the Islamic unity