H.I Dr. Mohammad Hasan Zamani

H.I Dr. Mohammad Hasan Zamani

Dr. Mohammad Hasan Zamani was born in Torbat-e-Heydariyah in 1337. After his primary education in 1949, he began his seminary studies in Heidariya city and studied for four years in the Herat Seminary. In 1353, he entered Qom Seminary and studied at the late Grand Ayatollah Golpayegani School.

The preliminary lessons were taught by the professors such as Hajj-e Islam: Salavat, Hasan Tehrani, Sotoudeh, Sayyid Ali Mohaqiq Damad, Karimi Jahromi, Shariati Kashani, Sanei and Mousavi Tehrani. Since 1361, the lesson of jurisprudence and principles has come to the great professors of the Ayatollahs: Fazel Lankaran , Makarem Shirazi, Vahid Khorasani and Golpayegani spent nearly 15 years. At the entrance to the master’s degree (teacher training at the Qom University), he graduated after receiving and passing the course.

His thesis dissertation with a score of 20 was the highest university rank. In 1998, he attended the Ph.D. in Qur’anic Science and Hadith Teacher Training at the University of Qom and completed 80 educational courses with an average of 18/78.

He has written numerous books, including “The Lecture of the Lessons of the Faithful of Almohammad,” “The Qur’an and the Orientalists.” He has also published numerous scientific articles in various journals. Currently, as a member of the faculty of the “Al-Mustafa Society” and the Supreme Qur’an and Hadith School, the Imam Khomeini Educational Complex he is working as the Director of the Qur’anic Interpretation and Science Department.