H.I Dr. Sayed Mojtaba Mirdamadi

H.I Dr. Sayed Mojtaba Mirdamadi

Careers: Fiqh and Osul, Philosophy, Quranic studies


He was born in the year 1347 H.S in the city ozf Mashhad in a religious and clergy family. His father and grandfather were among the scholars of Mashahd and they had the classes of the exegesis of the holy Quran in the holy Shrine of Imam Reza (a.s). Recently his grandfather was acknowledged in his scientific and mystic personality by Ayatullah Khamenei in his message to a conference held for the same reason.

Education and scientific background:

He started his studies in Islamic seminary in the city of Mashahd in the year 1366 H.S under the teachings of some great scholars like Ayatullah Hojjat Kjorasani. In the field of intellectual studies he was benefited from some scholars like H.I Saberi and Allamah Ashtiyani and Ayatullah Kajuri. Regarding Fiqh and Osul he learned from Ayatullah Shaykh Mustafa SHahrudi, Sabzawari, Salehi, Mortazawi, Sayed Mahmud Shahrudi, Reza Zadeh, and Ayatullah Mirza Ali Falsafi.

Then he moved into the city of Qom at the year 1378 H.S and was benefited from Ayatullah Sobhani, Ayatullah Tabrizi, Ayatullah Wahid Khorasani, etc.

From the very beginning of being in the Islamic seminary he started teaching and almost he has taught all of the prevalent books in different levels of Islamic seminary. It’s about ten years that he has started teaching in the highest levels of Islamic seminary. Simultaneously he has received his P.H.D and teaches in the universities in different levels.

Compiling books and articles:

Research and introduction to the book of the exegesis of the holy Quran in the book of Khulasah Al-Bayan fi Tafsir Al-Quran in seven volumes.

Research and margining and introduction to the book of Zawabit Al-Razaa written by Late Mirdamad in two volumes

More than ten jurisprudential and philosophical and narrative articles in Iran and Lebanon in scientific and research journals

The book of Ilm Al-Rijal va Derayah, research and criticism

Some of his articles of:

Zakat Al-Naqdayn

Knowing the style of the exegesis in the book of Kholasah Al-Bayan

The specialties of late Mirdamad in the study of Narrations

Research and explain the works of Mohammad Kazem Hizar Jaribi

The principles of culture and its social role

Scientific and cultural activities:

Establishing a cultural institute of late Mirdamad in Qom which currently produces the complex of late Mirdamad and Shaikh Hor Ameli and publishing the Islamic works

Establishing the center of “reviving the heritage” in Jamiah Al-Mustafa with the approach of publishing the Manuscripts