H.I Dr. Seyed Hedayat Razavi

H.I Dr. Seyed Hedayat Razavi

  • Bachelor of Arts from the University of K.U in 2004
  • Masters in International Relations from the University of KU in 2007
  • Bachelor of Islamic History from Al-Mustafa Al-Alamieh (Imam Khomeini High School), Qom, Iran
  • Master’s degree in contemporary Islamic history from al-Mustafa al-Alamieh (Imam Khomeini High School), Qom, Iran
  • Master of Science (MSc) in Islamic Sciences from the Wahid al-Sharif University of Lahore, Pakistan, in 2008

Scientific, artistic and cultural activities:

  • In charge of the scientific and cultural institution of Imam Zaman (AS) from 2007 up to now
  • Teaching English since 2001 at various institutes and Imam Khomeini High School (RA)
  • Producing various Islamic software
  • Compilation of various articles that some of these articles have delivered to the Department of Advanced School History, some of which have been published in the Journal of Contemporary History and some in print, including:
  1. Blood Document The first spark of Islam’s entry into the subcontinent
  2. English entry to India
  3. Ghaznavids in India
  4. Indian Bubbles
  5. The creation of two nations (Pakistan and India)
  6. Father and son against British colonialism (Heydar Ali and Typo Soltan)
  7. Police War
  8. East Indo-East India measures and policies
  9. The East India Company’s Endless Greed
  10. The Indian Subcontinent Mamluk Reign
  11. Intellectual cultural policy of British colonialism in the Indian subcontinent
  12. British colonial policies for the administration of the Indian subcontinent
  13. Indian subcontinent ready for another uprising (massive mass uprising)
  14. The rise and fall of the East India Company in the Indian subcontinent
  15. Ghorian in the Indian subcontinent
  16. British colonial record in the Indian subcontinent.
  • Translator of the Journal of Speech History from Persian to English

Scientific activities, and day technology

  • The head of John TV network manager
  • Responsible for networking with Imam Khomeini (AS) and managing all its systems
  • Creating corporate and educational software
  • Designing Internet sites and collaborating and updating various sites
  • Responsible for the technical system of Online Howzah
  • Establishing a television network in the international Internet space
  • Manage YouTube as the domain http://howzehtv.com