H.I Sayed Ali Emad

H.I Sayed Ali Emad

Career: Fiqh and Osul, Quranic studies

He entered Islamic seminary of Qom in 1356 H.S in Resalat Islamic seminary school. For a short period of time he was a member of the council of Sepah military in 1358 and a member of Birjand court as a legal assistant. Then he continued his Islamic studies in Fiqh and Osul and was attentive to philosophy and exegesis of the Quran. In the year 1364 he started his highest level of Islamic studies and till now he is busy with study and researcha in this field.

He has been teaching the professional lessons in group of Qur’anic studies of the university of Tarbiyat Moalem in Tabriz in the college of theology. For a period of time he was in the management of research including the foundation of research. His most important jurisprudential concern-apart from studying about organizing the studies, is about the way for expanding and the growth of high studies of jurisprudence. This issue includes planning and studying in the way of codifying the complex of Fiqh of the holy Quran in a vast and comprehensive amount.


Compatible studying of cooperation in Figq and civil law and commercial law


The structure of Fiqh


The position of intellect in the sources of Fiqh

Association with the centers:

The secretariat of religion researchers of Iran

The Institute of Islamic culture and thought, the member of research council

The Institute of Islamic culture and thought, the vice gerent of research assistance

The Institute of Islamic culture and thought, the deputy of the head and the responsible of Qom center

The center of the research of Hajj

The center of research of Islamic government