H.I Sayed Mahdi Dadmarzi

H.I Sayed Mahdi Dadmarzi

Name: Seyyed Mehdi

Surname: Dwarf


Specializations: jurisprudence and principles, rights, propaganda


In 1364 H.S, I received a diploma from the high school of martyr Mofatteh in physics mathematics. That year, I officially entered the seminary of late Mujtahidi. At the same time, I attended the National Humanities Department in the field of humanities and received an undergraduate degree in Law at Shahid Beheshti University. I was participating in the years 62 to 67 on the imposed battlefields as a Basiji. I graduated from the University in 1989 and in the same year I received a degree in private law at the University of Tehran.

In 1970, with my defense of my dissertation entitled “Arbitration in Family Proceedings”, I obtained my masters degree. In the same year, I was chosen for Ph.D. Scholarship, but preferred to continue studying in Islamic seminary. In the year 1369, I migrated to Qom to complete the seminary course and mostly I studied at the lessons of late Ayatollah Shams.

Since 1993, I have entered the lesson of Fiqh and Osul and by the grace of Allah still I continue to study at this time. During this time, I was benefited the teachings of the teachers such as Ayatullahs: Momen, the late Mirza Javad Tabrizi, Vahid Khorasani, Sobhani, Seyyed Mahmoud Shahroudi, Seyyed Ja’far Karimi, Sheikh Mehdi Ganji, Sadegh Larijani, and Hujjat al-Islam Alireza Amini and studying still continues.

In 2008, I was admitted to the Ph.D. Department of Private Law of the University of Qom as an Academic Officer to study, and in July 2013 I defended my doctoral thesis titled “Family Directorate in Couple Relationship” with the guidance of Ayatollah Dr. Seyed Mostafa Mohaghegh Damad, and got a high grade, I graduated. The topic of the fourth level treatise of Islamic seminary is “Reviewing the Contradiction of Non-Book and Tradition in Permanent Marriage”.

I started my cooperation with the University of Qom from the year1369, 1370 and I am currently a member of the official faculty – the definite Faculty of Law, Qom University. Previously, I was also the head of the private law group of Qom University, as well as the deputy director of the University of Qom.

During staying in Qom I have had cooperations with the Assistance of the Professors of the the foundation of Iranian Leader, the Al-Zahra Society (S), the Office of the Promotion of women, the Office of Women’s Studies and Research, the Imam Khomeini Research Institute, the center for the Study of Islamic Law, the Judiciary Research Center, the Office I co-operattipon of seminary and university, and University of Naraq and the Azad University of Naraq , and for a period of time I have been a member of the Law Department of the Institute of High Human studies in Al-Mustafa university.

Now (1395 H.S) I am only teaching at the University of Qom, and by divine power every Tuesday in the “Eastern Sunshine” program on TV, I discuss the jurisprudence and family rights alive. In 1993, I completed my law degree in Tehran for the purpose of familiarizing myself with the knowledge of the law in the area by appointing Tehran as the location of my office and law office, but when I finished the internship, because of being busy with studies of seminary,  I left it.

The scope of my research is Fiqh and Osul, rights of contracts, and especially family law. I am also fluent in Arabic and English. apart from traveling to Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Syria for pilgrimages, and the UAE and Turkey to take visas, I traveled to the United States and India and I used libraries in these countries, and made numerous lectures in the US in Persian, Arabic and English.

My marriage occurred in the year 1367, with the result of having a accompanying wife and three pious children, all married to virtuous spouses, and now I have two grandchildren of my two children.

Educational records

Bachelor: Law- 1989 – Shahid Beheshti University

Master: Private Law – Year 1370 – University of Tehran

Ph.D.: Private Law – – Year 1390-

Title Master’s Thesis: Arbitration in Family Proceedings.

Title of Ph.D.: Family Directorate in Couple Relationship.


Director of the Department of Private Law.

Specialized and Favorite Fields

Fighh – Osul – Family rights.

Research projects implemented or under implementation:

Islamic Family Law – Veterans’ Subject Codebook – Higher Education System

Teaching Experience:

Taught lessons:

Undergraduate Courses: Since 1990, at various universities: civil law – jurisprudence.

Master Degree Courses or Professional Doctorate: About 15 Years – Jurisprudence and Laws.

Books written:

1) Jurisprudence and principles

2) Contracts

3) Family

4) Terms and conditions

Articles and Researches:

Persian articles published in journals

Dadmarzi Seyyed Mahdi, “Introduction to Foreign Debt Consolidation on Debt”, Quarterly Journal, No. 5, 1376.

Dadmarzi Seyyed Mahdi, “A contract for debt in Islamic law and jurisprudence”, Wam Journal, No. 3, 1376.

Dadmarzi Seyyed Mehdi, “The Validity of Judge’s knowledge”, Philosophical-Verbal Studies (ex-Human Sciences Research), No. 2, 1999.

Dadmarzi Sayyed Mahdi, “Imam Khomeini and his World Message”, Kayhan Farhangi, No. 1379, 2000.

Dadmarzi Seyyed Mahdi, “The Concept of Contracts in Civil Law”, Philosophical and Theological Studies (ex. Humanities Research), No. 4, 2000.

Dadmarzi Seyyed Mahdi, “A Critical Study of a Global Plan of Family Law in Islam”, Islamic Law (Jurisprudence and Former Rights), No. 3, 2004.

Dadmarzi Seyyed Mahdi, “Lawyer in Confession”, Journal of Social Sciences and Human Sciences, Shiraz University, vol. 21, No. 2, 2004.

Dadmarzi Seyyed Mahdi, “The Calendar of the dowry on the current price”, Teacher of Humanities, No. 3, 2005.

Dadmarzi Seyyed Mehdi, “Rules of Judges in Family Judgment”, Hoora, Women’s Scientific, Cultural and Social Monthly, No. 14, 15, 2005.

Dadmarzi Seyyed Mahdi, “The Necessity of Teaching Fiqh in Law

Persian published articles in confrnces:

Dadmarzi Seyyed Mahdi, Critical Review of the Global Plan on the Rights of the Islamic Family “Reviewing the Status of Women’s Rights in the Legal System of Iran

Number of articles published in publications or inside conferences: 20 articles.

Number and list of translation books: Volume of family obligations in 3 volumes – translation of the argumentation jurisprudence of reasoning 1 vol.

Number of Thesis Guiding in the Master’s Degree: Nearly 10