Worth of Pilgrimage of Hazrat Fatimeh Masumeh (A)

Hazret Fatimeh Masumeh (A) the Blessed and the Gracious Divine Lady from the Holy Ahlul Bayt (A) was born in the holy city of Madinah on the First Day of the month of Zee Qa’dah 173 A.H. His holy father was Imam Musa al-Kazim (A),the Seventh Holy Imam and Imam Reza (A),the Eighth Holy Imam was his elder brother.
Regarding the rewards awarded to those who perform the ziarat (pilgrimage) of Karimah Ahli Bait Hazret Fatimeh Al-Masumeh (A), there have been many traditions from the Imams from the holy progeny of holy Prophet Hazret Muhammad (S). Some of these are mentioned below:
1. Imam as-Sa-diq (A) has said:
وَسَتُدْفَنُ فيها امْرَأةٌ مِنْ اَوْلادي تُسَمّى فاطِمَةَ، فَمَنْ زارَها وَجَبَتْ لَهُ الجنّة

“A lady from my children, by the name of Fatima will be buried in Qum. Whoever visits her [shrine], will certainly be admitted to Heaven.” Biha-r al-Anwa-r , vol. 48, p. 317; vol. 60, p. 216 & vol. 102, p. 266.
2. Imam as-Sa-diq (A) has also said:
اِنَّ زِيارَتََََها تََََعْدِلُ الجَنَّة
“Visiting her earns Heaven.” Biha-r al-Anwa-r, vol. 60, p. 219.
3. Sa`d ibn Sa`d al-Ash`ari- narrates, “I asked Imam ar-Rida- (A) about the reward awarded for performing the pilgrimage of Lady Fatimeh Masumeh (A) and the Imam (A) replied:”
مَنْ زارَها فَلَهُ الجنّة
“Whoever visits her [shrine], his reward will be Heaven.” Uyu-n Akhba-r al-Rida- , vol. 2, p. 267.
4. Imam ar-Rida- (A) has also said:
مَنْ زارَها عارِفاً بِحَقِّها فَلَهُ الجنّة
“Whoever visits her [shrine], while knowing and being aware of her high status, the reward for him will be Heaven.” Biha-r al-Anwa-r , vol. 48, p. 317
5. Imam ar-Rida- (A) has also said:
مَنْ زارالْمَعْصومَةَ بِقُمّ كَمَنْ زارَني
“Whoever visits Masumeh in Qum , it is like he has visited me.” Na-sikh al-Tawa-ri-kh , vol. 3, p. 68; Raya-hi-n al-Shari-`a , vol. 5, p. 35
And Imam ar-Rida- (A) has also said:
اَلا فَمَنْ زارَني وَهُوَ عَلى غُسْلٍ، خَرَجَ مِن ْذنوبِهِ كَيومٍ وَلَدَتْهُ اُمُّهُ
“Be aware, whoever visits me in a state of purity [after doing ghusl], he will come out of sin and become cleansed [purified of sin], as if he has just been born from his mother.” Uyu-n Akhba-r al-Rida-a , vol. 2, p. 260
Therefore, it follows that that same purity is obtained from performing the pilgrimage of Lady Fatimeh Masumeh (A).
6. A devotee went to perform the pilgrimage of Imam ar-Rida- (A) and after the pilgrimage he decided to go to Karbala- . On his way, he saw Imam ar-Rida- (A) in a dream. Imam (A) said to him, “Why did you not also pass through Qum and perform the pilgrimage at the grave of my sister?” Anwa-r al-Masha`sha`i-n , vol. 1, p. 212
7. Mulla- Haydar Kha-nsa-ri- narrates a tradition from Imam ar-Rida- (A): “Whoever is unable to perform my pilgrimage, he should perform the pilgrimage of my brother in Ray [Hadrat Hamzah, buried near Hadrat `Abd al-`A?i-m] or my sister [Lady Fatimeh Masumeh (A)] in Qum. He will get the same reward as he would for performing my pilgrimage.” Mulla- Haydar Khwa-nsa-ri-, Zubdat al-Tasa-ni-f , vol. 6, p. 159.
8. Imam Muhammad Taqi- al-Jawa-d (A) has said:
مَنْ زارَ عَمَّتي بِقُمّ فَلَهُ الجَنَّةُ
“Whoever visits my aunt [Lady Fatimeh Masumeh (A)] in Qum , will enter Heaven.” Biha-r al-Anwa-r, vol. 102, p. 265
From the foregoing traditions we can see the immense reward, narrated from three Imams (A), of performing the pilgrimage of this noble lady.
An interesting point is that, in tradition no. 5 above, Imam ar-Rida- (A) has made the reward of performing the pilgrimage of Lady Fatimeh Masumeh (A) equal to that of performing pilgrimage at his own grave.
It is also interesting to compare this tradition with the following: Imam as-Sa-diq (A) was asked, “what is the reward of someone who performs the pilgrimage of one of the Imams (A)?” Imam (A) replied:
كَمَنْ زارَ رَسولَ الله
“It is like he has visited the Prophet (S) of Allah.” Uyu-n Akhba-r al-Rida-, vol. 2, p. 262


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