Burning Will Not Make ‘Mighty’ Quran Vanish

Burning a copy or even all the printed copies of the Quran will not make the holy text vanish as one of the verses describes the divine book as “mighty”.

“Those who disbelieve in the Remembrance when it comes to them and indeed this is a Mighty Book.” (Surah Fussilat, verse 41)

There, unfortunately, has been a new wave of attacks against Islam and its sacred book, the Holy Quran, in a number of European countries in recent weeks. Those behind the acts have resorted to the so-called “freedom of expression” to justify their spread of hatred. But they should be reminded that burning the Quran will never destroy it.

This idea fundamentally misunderstands how the Quran is safeguarded and honoured by Muslims worldwide. Millions of Muslims commit the entire Quran to memory, word for word, as an act of devotion. This practice, known as Hifz, is seen as a remarkable achievement in the Islamic world. It is a proof of the reverence and respect that Muslims have for the Quran and is a means by which Allah Himself has promised to protect the holy book from corruption or distortion.

Moreover, it is illogical to try to erase a text that is literally followed by millions of Muslims daily and is increasingly attracting many well-educated individuals in the Western world.

The Quran is not just a religious text; it is a guide to morality, a philosophical treatise, and a historical account all in one. Its influence is not limited to the Middle East or to Muslims; people of all backgrounds find wisdom and guidance in its teachings. It is not rare to find highly educated Westerners, young and old, turning to the Quran for guidance and spiritual nourishment.

To attempt to undermine the Quran’s influence by destroying its physical copies is not only a futile act but also reveals a lack of understanding of the book’s resilience and universal appeal. The Quran is not just a book; it is a living, breathing miracle that continues to spread light for each generation. It adapts to different contexts and cultures while maintaining its core message and values.

Those who wish to extinguish the light of Islam by destroying the Quran will not achieve their objectives. Instead, they only expose their malicious intentions and ignorance. The Quran has survived for over a millennium, not because of its physical endurance but because of its spiritual and intellectual appeal to millions of people worldwide. To try to erase it is not merely a crime against a religion but a crime against human heritage and wisdom.

The Quran is far more than a physical book; it is a deeply ingrained part of Muslim identity and a source of guidance for millions around the globe. Its preservation is not dependent on its physical copies but on the hearts and minds of those who revere and study it. Attempts to destroy it only serve to highlight its resilience and the enduring appeal of its teachings.



All that said do not mean that people and governments should stand idle and indifferent in the face of desecration acts which are hurting the feelings of Muslims across the globe while fanning the flames of Islamophobia.

In a civilized society, no one should be allowed to spread hate or deliberately hurt the feelings of the people of a great faith. The Quran is a holy book that is revered by Muslims around the world. It contains the word of God, and it is a source of guidance and inspiration for millions of people.

The Quran also speaks highly of the great prophets of Judaism and Christianity, such as Abraham, David, Moses, and Jesus. When someone burns the Quran, they are not only disrespecting Muslims, but they are also disrespecting these great prophets.

It is a shame that some people would burn a book that speaks so highly of their own prophets. This is a clear act of ignorance and hate. It is also a criminal abuse of freedom of speech.

Freedom of speech is a fundamental right, but it is not absolute. There are limits to what people can say, and there are consequences for those who use their freedom of speech to spread hate and violence.

The burning of the Quran is a crime against humanity. It is an act of hate and violence that has no place in a civilized society.


source: iqna

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