What Is A Monotheistic Family Like?

There have been a lot of studies about family issues, according to one of which, the model of affection and power based on Islam’s monotheistic view can resolve problems and save families.

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Among the needs of women and men are the need to affection and love and the need to power. Based on religious principles and teachings, in the family the woman should undertake to give power to the man and the man should undertake to give love and affection to the woman. In that case, a monotheistic family is created.

This is according to a study conducted by Masoud Janbozorgi, a psychologist and Islamic seminary scholar who recently presented his findings in an international conference on relations between religion and family.

Following are excerpts from his presentation at the conference:

Over more than ten years, we conducted spiritual healing projects with the cooperation of different scholars and implemented the spiritual healing approach at the Astan Quds Razavi Center. Some 28,000 clients received spiritual healing services from 100 therapists in one year.

There are a number of factors pointing to the health of the family. Our studies show that we need a local model based on religious values for families. The first model is the model of affection and power that can help to resolve problems and save families.

Humans have three kinds of needs: Physical, such as the need to food, clothing, and sexual needs, existential such as the need to receive respect, love, and compassion, and gender-related needs.

The first and second kinds of needs could be fulfilled outside of the family but the third one cannot and that signifies the necessity of establishing family.

If man and woman move according to one another’s gender-based needs, the physical and existential needs could not disintegrate the family.

Among the gender-based needs are the two key components of love and power. These two exist in both men and women but with different intensities. Men need less affection and more power while women are vice versa.

There is a fundamental principle that says one who has less needs should help one who needs more. Based on this principle, woman who has less need to power should adopt the strategy of giving power to man.

Man, on the other hand, should try to give love and affection to woman. If this interaction is established, the needs of both will be fulfilled.


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