Resurrection Day and Miracle of Quran

Over the past two centuries, mankind has paid more attention to the life of animals, especially insects. He has observed and conducted extensive studies on the behavior of insects. Interestingly, though, Islam talked about insects’ tiny and subtle moves centuries ago.



The more time passes, the more aspects of the miracle of the Quran are discovered, proving again and again that these verses are not human words but have been sent by God, Who has created the world in the best and most accurate way.

One of the examples of this can be seen in verse 4 of Surah Al-Qari’ah: “On that day, people will be like scattered moths”. This verse describes people on the Resurrection Day as moths that have been scattered in the air.

On the Day of Judgment, people are in a state of fear, worry and anxiety. They do not know where they are going, like moths who fly without order and it seems that they do not know where they ae heading.

The Arabic word “Al’Mab’outh” in this verse means scattered. God in this verse likens people to scattered moths because people on that day are restive and worried and anxious and in a state of fear.

The word moths is only used in verse 4 of Surah Al-Qari’ah to describe people’s conditions on the Day of Judgment. A similar comparison, though, is mentioned in Surah Al-Qamar. This time people on the Resurrection Day are likened to locusts: “Their eyes cast down, hastening towards their Summoner as locusts rushing about.” (Surah Al-Qamar, Verse 7)

According to Quran interpreters, these verses refer to two different situations on that day. One is when they come out of graves anxiously and bump into one another like scattered moths. The second is when they are summoned and move toward the “Summoner” in groups like locusts.

Comparing men on the Day of Judgment to moths and locusts is among the signs of miracle of the Quran because the Holy Book was revealed to the Holy Prophet (PBUH) 1,400 years ago but the circle of life of moths and locusts has only been discovered in the past two centuries. Fourteen centuries ago, people would pay no attention to these insects’ circle of life and their movements but the Holy Quran has precisely described their movements.

source: iqna

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