Children of Prophet Jacob

After Prophet Jacob (Yaqub) became known as Isra’il, his family and children were named Bani Isra’il (sons of Isra’il). His children and descendants mostly lived in Egypt and Palestine.



Urged by his father, Jacob (AS) married two girls from Mesopotamia who had survived Noah’s flood. Uliya and Raheel were the names of his wives. In historical accounts, Bilhah and Zulfa have been named as two of his other wives. Jacob (AS) had 12 children from among whom only Joseph (AS) became a prophet.

The children of Jacob (AS) were all strong, stout and handsome, with Joseph (AS) being the most handsome among them. Jacob likes him more than he liked his other children. That is why Joseph was envied by his brothers since early childhood.

Joseph’s brothers threw him into a well and told their father that a wolf devoured him. But Joseph was rescued and reached Egypt and ultimately ruled that land for some time.

According to Islamic sources, the first son of Jacob was named Sham’un. He was a wise man and led his other brothers. Some Quran interpreters say Sham’un opposed other brothers’ idea of killing Joseph and suggested that he be thrown into a well.

In some historical accounts though Reuben or Roubin has been mentioned as the oldest son of Jacob. He died at the age of 135 and was buried in Palestine.

Levi was Jacob’s third child. He is considered to be the grandfather of Omran and great grandfather of Moses (AS). He went to Egypt with his father and stayed there until he died at the age of 137.

Yehuda (Judah) was the fourth son of Jacob. He is considered to be a great grandfather of David (AS) and Jesus (AS). Some believe that the word Jew is rooted in his name.

Dan and Naphtali were the fifth and sixth sons. Their descendants lived in northern Palestine. Gad was the seventh son and he had seven sons, each of whom led a tribe. They lived in eastern Jordan.

Asher, Issachar and Zebulun were Jacob’s other sons. Benjamin was the youngest son and Joseph’s only full brother.

The sons of Jacob were all monotheists and followed the religion of Abraham (AS). At the end of his life, Jacob (AS) told his sons to follow the path of Abraham (AS): “Were you (believers) there when death approached Jacob? When he asked his sons, ‘Whom will you worship after my death?’ They replied, ‘We will worship your Lord, the Lord of your fathers, Abraham, Ishmael, and Isaac. He is the only Lord, and to Him we have submitted ourselves.’” (Surah Al-Baqarah, Verse 133)

source: iqna

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