Ali (a.s) and Devoting himself to the Right Path

The Life of Imam Ali

The important point in this page of history is what Ali (a.s) did when dedicating himself to the path of right and truth.

Being dedicated to the right path is one of the traits of men who loved and adored the right with all their being.
Those who abstain themselves from life’s materialistic issues, sacrifice themselves, money and character, and use all of their materialistic and moral efforts for the sake of serving, reviving, and establishing the truth, are absolutely among the honest lovers of the right and the truth.
They see their perfection and happiness in their goal that pushes them to abstain from the fleeting life, temporary living, and join the ride of the real eternity life.
Ali’s sleeping in the bed of the prophet Mohammad (pbuh) at that horrible night is a prominent example of this real love for the right and the honest adoration for the truth. The motivation behind the volunteering for this dangerous mission was nothing except Ali’s love for the continuousity of Islam that guarantees the society’s happiness and ensures life’s prosperity and nothing else.
This sacrifice and devotion have a great value to the extent that God almighty praises it in His holy Quran and describes it as being an honest sacrifice to get God’s satisfaction. According to the recollections of most explainers, the following verse was revealed regarding this topic:” Of the people there is he who sacrifices his very life seeking the pleasure of God. And God is very Kind and Compassionate toward such (of His) servants”. [1]
The greatness of this virtue and the importance of this great sacrificial act prompted the great scholars of Islam to consider it one of the greatest virtues of Al Imam Ali (a.s) and to describe Ali with redemption, self-sacrifice and altruism, and to take for granted the revelation of the aforementioned verse in his regard as the hadith reached in interpretation and history about it.[2]
This fact is never forgotten. It is possible to hide and obfuscate the face of reality for some time, but the bright rays of truth quickly tear the veils of illusions, and the sun of truth emerges from behind the clouds.
Muawiyah’s hostility to the prophet’s family, and especially to the Commander of the Faithful (a.s), cannot be discussed.
This tyrant, through the covetousness of some of the companions of the Prophet (pbuh), wanted to defile the glossy pages of history and hide its truths through lies, but he did not achieve success in this way.
Samra bin Jundab, who realized the era of the Messenger of God (pbuh) then joined the court of Muawiyah in the Levant, deliberately distorted the facts in return for money he took from the Umayyad system, which hates the prophet’s family.
Muawiyah insistently asked him to ascend the pulpit and deny the revelation of this verse about Ali (a.s) and to tell people that it was revealed against the murderer of Ali (Abd Al Rahman bin Muljam Al Muradi), so that he takes in return for this major lie, and this terrible fabrication with which he was decimated one hundred thousand dirhams.
Samra did not accept this offer, but Muawiyah increased the amount for him to four hundred thousand dirhams, so the man accepted that and distorted the established facts, blackening his black page more than before. So when he ascended the pulpit, he did what Muawiyah asked him to do. [3]
The simple listeners agreed to his saying, and none of them ever thought that (Abd Al Rahman bin Muljam) the Yemeni, was not on the day the verse was revealed in the Hijaz, rather he may not have been born yet, so how is it true?!


But the truth cannot be hidden by such flimsy veils, nor can it be forgotten by such weak attempts.
The government of Muawiyah with its people and supporters were exposed to accidents. The traces of fabrication that occurred during his disastrous era have disappeared, and the sun of truth and reality has risen from behind the veil of ignorance and slander once again, and most of the distinguished explainers[4] and the virtuous modernists, in the different ages and periods, have admitted that the mentioned verse was revealed in the mentioned verse  “The Night Ali’s sleeping in the prophet’s bed” (Laylat Al Mabit) and Ali’s sacrifice of himself for the prophet.[5]
  source: english.almaaref

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