Why Is Ramadan Important?

What is the reason behind this importance?

Mohsen Qara’ati, a prominent Quran teacher and scholar from Iran, answers this question:

The importance of Ramadan is because of the Quran. When God wants to introduce the month of Ramadan, He says: “The month of Ramadan is the month in which the Quran was revealed” [2:185]. God does not say this is the month when we fast.

When a car stops working, we should put it on a downward slope so as to move; Ramadan is the path of modifying our attention to the Quran. Ramadan is a great opportunity to compensate for our lack of attention to the Holy Book.

We should consider contemplating the Quran as a wajib (compulsory) act because the Quran blames those who do not do so: “Will they not then contemplate on the Quran? Or are there locks upon their hearts!” [47:24]. This blaming refers to the obligatory nature of contemplation because God does not chastise individuals for doing Mustahabb acts such as Friday ghusl or night prayers. God chastises individuals two times here; He first says “Will they not then contemplate on the Quran?” before saying: “Or are there locks upon their hearts!”. A Mustahabb and peripheral act does not receive two consecutive reprimands! So it is an obligation to contemplate the Quran.

Meanwhile, the month of Ramadan has special importance because of increased attention to the Quran.

The Arabic word “tadabbor” is used in the Quran for thinking deeply about the Book’s concepts and does not have any other application other than in Quranic studies. The exact meaning of the word is understanding the wise arrangement that is present in the Quran.


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