Iraq: Discovering ancient artefacts in Najaf

The Iraqi Ministry of Culture announced on Monday that a significant ancient artefact has been discovered in “Tal Aswad” situated in Najaf province and in the vicinity of Kufa by an Iraqi excavation team.
“Hassan Nazem” the Iraqi Minister of Culture said: “An ancient clay jar containing ornaments, necklace, ring, earrings, gold pendant, precious stones, and eighteen Dinars of pure gold related to the era of Motamed bi’llāh, Al-Muqtadir and Al-Mustakfī bi’llāh, the Abbasid caliphs as well as one hundred dirham silver were found”.

He added: “This excavation team also discovered many copper coins in various parts of this region in different sizes that were damaged as a result of humidity and soil minerals. Similarly, small glass bottles (2mm thick) were discovered.

Likewise, Nazem stated that the excavation team has found several broken jars which are distinct due to their quality of construction, shiny colors, elegance as well as fragility and the utilized colors in them which refer to the Abbasid dynasty.

Source: shafaqna

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