H.I martyr Ali Ansari Boyer Ahmadi

H.I martyr Ali Ansari Boyer Ahmadi

He was one of the hard-working professors of Qom Islamic seminary and the head of the worldly assembly for Shia studies. He was injured in the war between Iraq and Iran as an honorable soldier.

He was born in one of the villages of Iran and after passing the academic education he entered in the Islamic seminary and he was learning, teaching, writing for a long period of time. He established the “Worldly Assembly for Shia Studies” after a year which was named by Ayat Allah Khamenei as the year of Imam Ali (pbuh). From the very beginning he had many sessions with different scholars and professors and elites of Islamic seminary and university under the name of “knowing the necessity of Shi’ism”. The priorities of Shi’ism were something that were lead at the end of those sessions. These priorities were compiled in 20 Axises as the description of the primary duties. Also he compiled 80 books related to Imam Ali (a.s) and Shi’ism which some of them have been translated into different languages. Some of his writings are as followings:

The background of religion in Bahrain

The culture and economy of Bahrain

The intellectual reasons for the necessity of the existence of Imam

Necessities while explaining Ghadir sermon