Dr. Ayat Peyman

Dr. Ayat Peyman

Dr. Ayat Peyman was born in 1960 in Kohkeluyah and Boyer Ahmad province, Iran in a religious farmer family who were trusted by the people. He passed his elementary and guidance and high school in the same province and then he moved to other cities including Ahvaz, Arak, Shiraz, Qom for the higher studies. He was retired after 33 years of success in more than 100 provincial and national positions and being elected 11 times and acknowledged as the sample in national scale and being acknowledged tens of times by different responsible individuals and institutes. Now he is the director responsible of the council of religious researchers in Qom and Tehran and the head of “Worldly Assembly for Shia Studies” and simultaneously important international responsibilities and scientific effective collaborations and propagations.

He had different responsibilities in educational and social and religious affairs in the provinces of Kohkolyah and Boyer Ahmad, Fars, Qom and Tehran. He had the effective role during the 8 years of war between Iran and Iraq and also in the transformation of cultural management in Qom and the ministry of culture and guidance. After these responsibilities he has had the constant presence in European and American and African and many Asian countries and he experienced successfully the precious scientific and cultural and religious activities in support of Islamic centers and mosques and the actives of Shia and those who have come from Non-Shia background with the cooperation with the related institutes.

He because of having he independent and valuble position, is trusted by the grand Ayatollah and Islamic scolars and the great promnnet figures of Iran and the elites and actives of Shia inside and outside Iran. He has been in the path of Imam Khomeini and revolutionary struggles since the summer of the year 1979. In all these years with difrent ups and downs of these last three decades he eagerly and sincerely has been serving Islamic government through accepting various responsibilities and he was and is away from factional and group affiliation, adopting the moderate and noble Quranic path he has been among the sincere and committed criticizers who are faithful to the values of Islamic revolutions. He has had a unifier personality in the recent decades in different period of presidency of Islamic revolution.

He has been benefited from different gret Islamic scholars such as Ayatoolah Moravvej, Shustari, Qeraati, Qadiri, Ali Safaee Haeri, Hussain Ansarian, Ibrahim Amini, Mohammad Hadi Marefat, Jafar Sobhani, Jannati Shahrudi, Karimi Jahromi, Javadi Amoli, Fazel Lankarani, etc. and he has received his P.H.D in the field of management and educational planning in the year 1393 H.S from the university of America.

Some of his positions:

The sample manager of the “House of Youth” in the year 1376 H.S

The sample server of the holy Quran in the year 1377 H.S

The sample server of culture and guidance ministry in the years 1386, 1388 H.S

Receiving 160 acknowledgments and national and provincial prizes in 102 titles and positions

Some of scientific and research backgrounds:

The member of research and scientific committee of educational system for 4 years

The member and head of the research committee of the culture and guidance of Qom for 6 years

The member and head of the board of supervision of book of Qom for 8 years

The member of scientific board of “Shia House of Teachings” and the center of “the House of Mysticism”, the supervisor of the publications of “the House of Mysticism”.

Writing 12 essays and different leading articles in professional religious journals and Quarterlies.

Scientific cooperation with universities and Islamic centers and mosques and religious organizations of Shia in European and American and Asian countries

Attending and cooperating for holding more than 140 scientific and research and educational and managerial conferences inside and outside Iran.

Scientific and propagation and cultural traveling to different countries many times such as Italy, Vatican, France, Belgium, Germany, U.S.A, Turkey, Swiss, Georgia, etc.

Some of the most important current responsibilities

The director manager of the institute and secretariat of religion researchers and

The Chairman of the managing Board and policy council of “Worldly Assembly for Shia Studies”

The supervisor of Shia Studies in the religion department of George Washington University, U.S.A

The head of “Worldly Assembly for Shia Studies”

The member of though room and the managing board of the charity institute of Al-Zahra (a.s)

The international propagator with the attitude of morality, education, family, Shia studies, history, exegesis etc.

Author and researcher and journalist

Some of his former responsibilities:

The deputy of the committee of Islamic revolution at the age of 17

The English teacher

The responsible for theological teachings of the army of Islamic revolution

The cultural advisor for 4 provincial governor

The member of managing board of the cultural and art foundation of Rudaki by the decree of the minister

The deputy of the minister of culture and guidance in UNESCO

The deputy of the minister of culture and guidance in cultural sessions of ECO

The chairman of the council for the Selection and dispatch of artists and artistic groups abroad

The member of trustee board and the head of Islamic institute of Hidayah in Tehran

The supervisor of 34 boards for the scientific and propogational and cultural and artistic to European and Asian and American and African

Some of the published essays:

Carelessness to the position and root of research in our society

Speak with justice or generosity?

We and what we have done to the mosque

Are we Muslim or liberal?

The revolution of the web, religion research and our duty

The result of three successive journey to U.S.A

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