H.I Naser Baqeri Bidhendi

H.I Naser Baqeri Bidhendi

H.I Naser Baqeri Bidhendi was born in the year 1337 H.S in a religious family. After passing the classic studies he entered Islamic seminary in the school of Ayatullah Golpayegani till the high levels and he started the teaching in the same school. He was benefited from the teachings of Ayatullah Sayed Muhammad Rohani, Fazel Lankarani, MAkarem Shirazi, Ali Meshkini, Jafar Sobhani, and others for 17 years in the field of Fiqh and Osul. He also was the students of Ayatullah Gerami, Ansar Shirazi, Ahmad Beheshti, Hassanzade Amoli in the logic and philosophy. Also in the field of morality he was benefited from Ayatullah Mazaheri and Meshkini.

He has received several Ijazat (permisions from some of the grand Ayatullas and Islamic scholars in different kinds of the permission. He also was busy with research and writing books.

It must be noted that his different scientific works are more than 200 items but we just mention a few of them.

The names of some places of his teachings:

The center of preaching in Qom

Dar Al-Shifa Islamic school

The mosques of the people of the city of Bidhend in Qom

Imam Sadeq (a.s) Islamic school

Higher education institution of Imam Reza(a.s)

The member of the association of manuscript publishers

Representative of the international Al-Mustafa University in the congress of Allamah Amini (Ghadir International Foundation)

Some of his research background

Mass media

The assembly of Fiqh of Ahl Al-Bait

The worldly assembly of Ahl- Alait

The center for the professors of Islamic seminary

Some of his cooperation in the research:

Risalah Ghinaiyah

The prayer of rain

Some of the scientific works:



Ibn Hajjaj the famous poet in 14th century

The joint of two seas

Our social and individual commitment toward the orphans

Scandle the most prevalent disaster of our time

The way of being a host in Islam

The night of Ghadr

Translation and correction:

The secrets of Salat

A ray of the virtues of Imam Ali (a.s) in Narrations

The abstract of logic



The guardian of Islamic culture

A short introductory to the life of Allahmah Sayed Mohsen Amin

The death of the society based on the Quran

Arabic articles:

Ahl Al-Bait in the Narrations of the martyr Zayd

As the summary for his rest of Resume it can be described that many works of his have been translated into other languages. Some of his works have been lost. He also has been the guiding and supervising many thesises.