Ayatollah Rahim Mohammadi Ilami


Ayatollah Rahim Mohammadi Ilami

He was born in 1341 H.S. in one of the parts of Ilam province, in a farmer and religious family. He moved into the city of Khorramshahr in Khuzestan province at the age of 4 .At the time of the war between Iran and Iraq he returned back to the place of his birth. In the year 1359 he entered the Islamic seminary of Darrah Shahr and simultaneously he was studying high school.

His teachers there were Mr. Salehi, Faqihi Afqani. Then he moved to the Islamic seminary of Arak, and in the year 1363 he entered the city of Qom for more studies. In these times he was connected to the battlefield. He was injured in the war. He was teaching the Islamic seminary books.

The teachers of his studies at the level of Islamic seminary were some scholars like Rajaee, Faraji, Vojdani Faqr, Nekunam, Rasti Kashani etc.

The level of Kharej(the professional and high level) he was benefited from great scholars like Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi, Wahid Khorasani, Tabrizi, Fazil Lankarani.

He passed four years of professional theology in Imam Sadiq institute. He was benefited from scholars like Ayatollah Beheshti, Sabhani, Mamduhi, Gerami, Fayyazi etc. in Philosophy and theology. In the field of knowing the sects of materialism and the book of Kashf Al-Morad and new theology he was the students of Ayatullah Sobhani, Dr. Beheshti, Malekian, Rabbani Golpayegani. In the year 1377 he was chosen as the representative of the inhabitants of Ilam province. He also teaches in the universities. In the year1379 he and two other individuals established the “Worldly Assembly for Shia Studies”.