Some underway projects

  • The great project of universal charter of Shiaism for explaining the principles of beliefs and goals of Shia
  • Holding national geopolitical congress of Shia
  • Holding scientific sessions and congresses especially the international congress of knowing Shia
  • Publishing more than 110 titles of professional books in different attitudes of knowing Shia
  • Developing the activities in cyber spaces of different websites
  • Great project of verses of Wilayah(divine authority) in Quran that yet five volumes have been published.
  • The great project of Thaqalayin and the reasons of their separation by Sunnis
  • Fulfilling different scientific and professional and research projects


A brief introduction to some of the projects

  • Introducing and promoting Shiaism as a formal and dynamic religion

Planning and implementing attractive audiovisual and different religious programs in widespread limit, introducing and promoting value patterns and special and privileged features of Shiaism that have universal acceptance. In fact introducing the unique features of the divine culture of Shiaism in order to be effective in promoting the society and Islamic Ummah

  • Elevating the academic and professional level of the issues regarding knowing Shia

Deep research in titles and subjects of knowing Shia in important and authentic resources of history and with analysis and logical argumentation, codifying the scriptures and required books for the professional field of knowing Shia etc.

  • Establishing the professional libraries of knowing Shia

Identifying and collecting issues regarding Shia like beliefs, different information regarding Shia and infallible Imams (pbut) including books, academic articles, thesis and any precious issue regarding knowing Shia due to the non-existence of professional library of knowing Shia in Iran, hastening this project is so essential that thanks God the initial acts have been done and about 4 thousand books have been prepared.

  • Establishing software database

Due to today’s technology and the general attitudes of people toward computer and internet as something accessible to everyone, we are establishing software database very actively and with appropriate quality in order to complete other Shia internet websites.

  • Investigating and publishing issues regarding knowing Shia

The great scholars throughout history have many precious issues regarding the virtues of Shia that we hope to serve the school of thought of Ahl Al-Bait through research and correction and publishing these writings into international and current languages.

  • The great encyclopedia of Shia famous individuals, inventors and discoverers

In this project all Shia famous individuals, inventors and discoverers all around the world from the very beginning of the emergence of Islam till now are investigated and their names and biographies are registered in this encyclopedia. The distribution of the CD of this encyclopedia will be the complementary part of the electronic library.

  • The unit of those who have embraced Shiaism

The worldly assembly of knowing Shia has played the valuable role in guiding those who are benefited from the divine knowledge of Ahl Al-Bait through establishing this unit and has supported them physically and spiritually.

  • The international conferences of knowing Shia

There are different reasons for holding such conferences like the existence of the prominent figures of Shia with useful ideas and thoughts all over the world, getting aware of the activities of institutes and Shia centers outside Iran and academic and cultural cooperation with them, giving direction for strengthening the Shia centers, other nations and analysis of shortcomings of their Shias people and researching the effective solutions in order to prevent their vulnerability

  • The great project of universal charter of Shiaism

In this project the principles of beliefs, the indisputable and the connected goals to the divine knowledge of Shia become clear and after being confirmed and approved by the grand Ayatollahs and the scholars and the prominent figures of the Shia world, will be translated into several languages and will be exposed at the world in different indelible plans and it will be declared that these are our principles of beliefs and everyone who ascribes to us anything other than that he has said lie and accused us. It should be noted that there are more than 100 prominent researchers and well-aware scholars cooperate in codifying this project (which includes around 600 entries).

  • Establishing the institute of knowing Shia

Due to the fact that knowing Shia is a professional and academic field and it has different attitudes and subjects and it is not classically and regularly under education in universities and Islamic seminary assemblies and on the other side there are bounties of the talented students and the prominent professors of this field in Qom, it causes to feel the necessity of establishing the institute of knowing Shia.

  • International contacts in order to exchange and interaction with academically and culturally Islamic centers
  • Studying the precise points, knowing methodically different aspects of the life of infallible Imams, introducing t heir divine features with a new look and new dialogue and new structure in an attractive and eloquent way
  • Codifying the encyclopedia of the well-known Shias

This encyclopedia includes the Shia famous figures in scientific, artist and other fields. Also the names of all Shias who have had the inventions and discoveries from the beginning of the emergence of Islam till now

  • The fundamental researches and analysis regarding knowing the shortcomings of Shia clergies in order to prevent from attacks of the enemies and restoring the spiritual capitals and their social sacredness
  • Answering scholarly the doubts and wrong accusations
  • Analysis and research precisely about different denominations of Shia and introducing the real and main Shia who is connected to the source of divine knowledge and has reached to the perfection through grasping Quran and Ahl Al-Bait and applying their precious teachings.
  • Coordination and following up for establishing the professorship of the academic field of knowing Shia in international and important universities and codifying the scriptures of the academic books of this field
  • Establishing the powerful website with high capabilities and options into 33 current languages
  • Holding the training courses for answering doubts and arguments for proving Imamah and Wilayah
  • Explaining methodically and elevating the academic and professional level of the issues and titles regarding the divine pillar of Wilayah

Doing researches scholarly and fundamentally about the issues of regarding Wilayah including goals, the main responsibilities, the principles which gives dignity and honor, the virtue and blessings of that for mankind especially for the Muslim world, research about the Wilayah in the viewpoint of the Quran, the Narrations of the prophet of Islam and infallible Imams, the Islamic scholars throughout the history of Islam, its firm connection to the concept of Wilayah of Faqih(jurist) etc.