H.I Ali Akbar Naseri

H.I Ali Akbar Naseri


Hojatoleslam va Al-Moslemim Ali Akbar Naseri was born in 1335 H.S in the village of Dikola, a district of Babol, Mazandaran province. After undergraduate studies, he traveled to the Qom Seminary and went through the high levels of Fiqh, Osul and interpretation of the holy Quran and philosophy for six years in the lessons of Fiqh and Osul of the great scholars such as Fazel Lankarani, Makarem Shirazi, Ja’far Sobhani and “Vahid Khorasani”, and returned to the city with great interest in explaining and defending the religion and the people of the world. Teaching at the universities and the seminary of Khatam Al-Anbia (PBUH), the ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran to Vatican, and the responsibility of the constructional activities of Babol, are seen in his works and training. Hojjatoleslam Nasseri was elected to the parliament on behalf of the people of the city of Babol in the seventh and ninth terms of the Islamic Consultative Assembly, and during his time in the parliament he was always a member of the “Industries and Mines” Commission.

Political and campaign activities

Hojatoleslam Nasseri started his political struggle against the oppressive system at the time of entering the congregation by imitation and followers of Imam Khomeini, and in 1354 he played an active role in the struggle of Faizia. He was arrested by SAVAK and went to Evin Prison. During the uprising of December 19, 1356, he witnessed the martyrdom of his near friend, Ali Asghar Naseri (the first martyr of Mazandaran during the Qom uprising). During the victory of the Islamic Revolution, Hojatoleslam Nasseri was a member of the Imam Khomeini’s place of temporary staying in Alawi school in Tehran. Throughout the Holy Defense Years, in addition to frequent presence in battlefields and front lines, he was supporting the warriors and families of martyrs and other strata of the society with exciting speeches in battle scenes.

Promotional and research activities outside Iran

Hojatoleslam Nasseri before the Parliamentary Assembly, by the Deputy Director General of the Office of the Supreme Leader and the Organization of Islamic Culture and Communication, carrying out missions to Asia, Europe, Africa and Latin America to promote Islamic culture and explain the ideals of Imam Khomeini and research in schools, religions and cultures, and consultancy for production investment and tourism industry in Mazandaran province.

Scientific, social and executive responsibilities

– Membership in the welcoming committee and activities at the Imam’s headquarters at the Alevi school in Tehran – Responsibility for the construction of the city of Babol in 1360-1363 – Responsible for the office of the late Ayatullah Rouhani, the late Imam and current supreme leader in Mazandaran – Secretary of the Coordination and Growth Seminar And development of Babol – the head and professor at Khatam al-Anbya seminary and university between 1988 and 1991 – Friday Imam of Mahmoud Abad from 1376 to 1383 – Advisor to the Speaker of the Parliament from 1387 to 1388 – Ambassador and the representative of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Vatican (the Universal Church of Catholic Christianity) – the Head of the Assembly  of the northern nations of Iran(i.e. Mazandaran, Gilan, Golestan, Semnan, Damavand and Firouzkooh) – Representatives of Babol in the seventh and ninth year of the Islamic Council.