Expert in ME Affairs: “Israel has many critical security challenges”

An expert in the Middle East affairs said about the future of Holy Quds: “with a mechanism at their disposal, the Palestinian movements have under control of their ballistic missiles all the territories of Israel including military and security bases. Today, Israel is completely isolated and has many critical security challenges”.

“Despite a few Arab countries have relations with Israel, but the Palestinians have found their own way and without foreign aids fight against the Israeli regime, and time proves that although Israel has a powerful arsenal but cannot stand a long-running war, and the circumstance will change in a way that Israel only could comparatively secure its own internal security but in its borders and margins there will be no safe zones, because the resistance movements are more powerful than before and are penetrating in the region,” he added.

In an interview with Shafaqna, Hassan Hanizadeh said: “International Quds Day is a milestone in the history of Muslim nations’ fights against Israel. Before the Islamic Revolution in 1979 in Iran, The Question of Palestine was underestimated because of the circumstance of the region and global events as well, but in the wake of the Islamic revolution, after Imam Khomeini announced that the Question of Palestine was the main issue of the Islamic world, which was a strategic view towards the conflicts and disputes between Muslims and Israel, Quds Day, therefore, caused the Question of Palestine come under the spotlight for Muslims.”


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