The last Salaat

Mid day was getting near on the Day of Ashura, 30 of the companions of Imam Hussain (AS) were martyred and the rest waiting to sacrifice their lives. Suddenly a companion of Imam (AS) said: Aba-Abdellah, it is time for Salaat and we want to pray with you for the last time. Imam (AS) had a look and confirmed it was time for Salaat and then said: You remembered Salaat, may Allah (SWT) place you among the worshippers.
Without delay, Imam (AS) started the Salaat and companions followed behind him whilst the fighing was going on. A Salaat that in Islamic Fiqh is called “Salaat Khouf”, with 2 Rukats like the Salaat of a traveller because during war there is no time for lengthy prayers, half of the companions defended whilst the other half prayed. It was a special situation, Imam (AS) and his companions were close to their enemies and those who were guarding Imam (AS) were targeted by 2 kinds of arrows.
An individual from the enemy side shouted: O’ Hussain, pray but your Salaat has no use for you, you have rebelled against your leader of the time Yazid, your prayer is not accepted!!! When Imam (AS) finished his Salaat, saw couple of those fallen ones, one of them was Saeed ibn Abdullah Hanafi, Imam (AS) went to him. Saeed said: have I been faithful? He considered Imam’s position very high and knew his Imam but he thought his sacrifice may be is not enough [1].

[1] Goftarhaaye Ma’anawi by Martyred Morteza Motahhari, page 97.


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