Meeting with God; The End to Sufferings of Life

Many of the sufferings that humans experience in their life will end in meeting with God Almighty, so ease and comfort await people after hardships.



Man is exposed to suffering and dangers since coming to this world. He has no authority over the start and end of his life. However, between these two events, he enjoys the power to decide for his life. “Say, Truth comes from your Lord. Let people have faith or disbelieve as they chose.” (Surah Al-Kahf, verse 29) Humans can set aims and plan for their lives. They always strive for their aims and tolerate any hardship on this path. But doesn’t the man have any other will more than this?

“Human being, you strive hard to get closer to your Lord, and so you will certainly receive the recompense (of your deeds)” (Surah Al-Inshiqaq, verse 6).

This verse reminds humans that all the sufferings that they face in this world will eventually lead to meeting God Almighty. Actually, God has guaranteed that man’s choices in life will affect the quality of meeting Him. “God will bring about ease after hardship” (Surah al-Talaq, verse 7).

Quran teacher and researcher Mohsen Qaraati points to some of the messages of these related verses:

  • Man is moving toward God as the Quran says: “We are the servants of God and to Him we shall all return” (Surah al-Baqarah, verse 156).
  • Man faces numerous hardships on this path: “you strive hard to get closer to your Lord” (Surah Al-Inshiqaq, verse 6).
  • God has established a set of fixed rules in society that all people adhere to; they can neither stop nor return nor change course.
  • The end of this movement is reaching God.

The concept of meeting with God in this verse, be it either meeting on the Day of Judgment or meeting his rewards and punishments, shows that this suffering will continue till that day. It will end only when this world reaches its end and man meets with God while carrying good deeds. The ultimate ease can only be achieved in Akhirah.


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