Path Out of Ignorance

God has clearly determined the path of felicity using different methods but mankind is always subject to ignorance and corruption as there is the possibility of losing the correct path despite great efforts.



Remembering God’s name has always helped believers to find a way out of ignorance. This is one of the approaches that God has introduced to save man. “Believers, remember Allah frequently” (Surah al-Ahzab, verse 41). But how can remembering save one from ignorance?

The word Dhikr in this verse sometimes refers to chanting the name of God and its deeper meaning refers to remembering God. Accordingly, we should perceive this verse as “remember Allah frequently”. Paying attention to God Almighty and the path that He has drawn for mankind’s happiness is of great importance.

Exalt Him at dawn and in the evening,” reads the next verse of this Surah, implying that there are many factors in our life that can lead to negligence. Satan tempts humans by different methods and there is no other way to resist them other than remembering Allah at all times.

Dhikr does not mean to just say and repeat the name of God; some people always have God in their mind, remember Him when children, wealth, position, or a good feeling has been bestowed to them. On the other hand, they are also remembering God when losing children, wealth, and position.

Verse 43 of Surah al-Ahzab points to the result of remembering Allah at all times: “It is He who has mercy on you, and His angels to bring you out from the darkness into light. He is the Most Merciful to the believers.”


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