Extent of God’s Mercy

All the world of the creation, including human beings, are blessed with God’s mercy, even those humans who are sinners and have bad conducts. This is a common attribute of God’s mercy.



There are also special mercies of God that are for those who always remember Him and everything they do is for His contentment.

What we have are blessings given to us by God to cover our weaknesses and we should turn them into permanent asset. Ears, eyes and heart are three internal means that give one awareness about his conditions and the world. Self-awareness is something that distinguishes humans from animals.

Self-awareness paves the way for realization of the future. If self-awareness is lost, one would lose his means and gets distanced from his humanity because it is these means that help us have links with the main sources of life. God says in verse 179 of Surah Al-Aaraf: “We have destined many men and jinn for hell. They have hearts but do not understand, eyes but do not see. They have ears but do not hear. They are worse than lost cattle. These are the heedless ones.”

Human being is the only one in the world of creation that could lose his identity. And God describes those who do: They are neglectful. Some people do not enter the wrong path intentionally but out of Ghafla (neglectfulness).

Ghafla means neglecting God. Of course, even if we are neglectful, God will help us and it is only God who can help us. “Except those on whom your Lord has mercy; and for this did He create them; and the word of your Lord is fulfilled: Certainly I will fill hell with the jinn and the men, all together.” (Surah Hud, Verse 119)

This verse is very hope-giving and inspiring because it promises us God’s mercy and we only need to ask for it.

Rahma (mercy) means doing good and giving good to others to cover their weaknesses. Iranian scholar, philosopher, mystic and poet Mohsen Feiz Kashani (1598-1680) says God’s mercy has three attributes of comprehensiveness, universality and perfection. Comprehensiveness means that when God has mercy on one in need, He will remove that need from all of the needy. Universality means God’s mercy is for all, be it righteous or sinner. And perfection refers to God’s mercy so that one is not afflicted with hardship.

source: iqna

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