Best religious acts for middle of Rajab: Dua Umme Dawood

The most important rite on 15 Rajab is to say the prayer known as Dua Umme Dawood. This prayer brings about rewards some of which are that it grants the requests, relieves from anguishes, and saves from the persecutions of the wrongdoers. On the fifteenth day of Rajab, the Umme Dawood Dua can be recited.

This practice begins by fasting on the fifteenth day, reciting the Holy Quran and offering prayers. Its advantage is that it contributes to having one’s requests granted by Almighty Allah, relieve agonies, and saves one from the harm of tyrannical rulers. Details of this practice has been mentioned in Mafatih Al-Jinan. It is recommended to fast on the thirteenth, fourteenth, and fifteenth of Rajab.

Umme Dawood Dua

In the word of Sheikh Tusy, in his book of ‘Misbah Al-Mutahajjid,’ one who intended to do this act is required to observe fasting on the thirteenth, fourteenth, and fifteenth days of Rajab. At the midday of the fifteenth, one should bathe himself. After midday, one should offer the obligatory Zuhr and `Asr Prayers so excellently that one should do all the parts perfectly. It is advisable to be in a vacant place so as not to be engaged with anything and not to be addressed by anyone.

When the (obligatory) prayer is accomplished, one should face the Qiblah and recite Surah of Al-Fatihah one hundred times, Surah of Al-Tawhed one hundred times, and Ayatul-Kursy ten times. Afterward, Surahs Al-An`am (No. 6), Al-Isra’ (also called Bane-Isra’el; No. 17), Al-Kahf (No. 18), Luqman (No. 31), Yasen (No. 36), Al-Wasaffat (No. 37), Al-Zukhruf (No. 43), al-Shura (No. 42), Al-Dukhan (No. 44), Al-Fath (No. 48), Al-Waqi`ah (No. 56), Al-Mulk (No. 67), Al-Qalam (No. 68), Al-Inshiqaq (No. 84) and all the Surahs following up to the end of the Holy Quran. After reciting all these Surahs, one may, still facing the iblah, recite Dua of Umme Dawood.

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