Imam Khamenei: Criminal who has insulted Holy Quran deserves severest punishment

Imam Khamenei issued a message following the insult to the Holy Quran in Sweden. The following is the text of this message.

The insult to the Holy Quran in Sweden is a bitter, conspiratorial, dangerous event. It is the opinion of all Islamic scholars that the agent who has insulted the Holy Quran deserve the severest punishment. In addition, the Swedish government should know that supporting criminals against the world of Islam is equivalent to going into battle-array for war. And this action has created feelings of hatred and enmity toward them in all the Muslim nations and many of their governments.

It is that government’s duty to turn over the agent who has committed this crime to the judicial systems of Muslim countries. The conspirators behind the scenes should know that the sanctity and glory of the Holy Quran will increase day by day and the lights of its guidance will shine even more than before. Those who have designed this conspiracy and those who have carried it out are more contemptible than to be able to stop this ever-increasing luminescence. “Allah has full command of His affairs” [Holy Quran 12:21].

Sayyid Ali Khamenei

July 22, 2023

Source: abna24

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